Dental Implant

-Implant Placements
-Implant Placements with Sinus Lift
-Implant Placements with Guided Bone Regeneration

Digital Smile Design

-Full mouth rehabilitation
-Smile Enhancement

Digital Smile Design Restorative Dentistry

-Dentures (Full/Partial)
-Cosmetic Restorations  (Closing Diastema)

Orthodontic Treatments

-Fixed orthodontic treatment
-Clear Aligner ( Invisalign)

Endodontic Treatments

-Permanent Dentition
-Desiduous Dentition


Laser Dental Treatment

-Soft tissue surgery ( for example: frenectomy)
-Periodontal Treatment
-Endodontic Treatment
-Low Level Laser Therapy

Periodontal Treatment

-Root Planning
-Soft Tissue Surgery

Preventive Dentistry

-Professional Scaling & Polishing
-Complete Extra/Intra-Oral Examinations
-Digital X-Rays
-Dental Education
-Fissure Sealants

Teeth Whitening

-Beyond™ Whitening System (Chair-side)
-Opalescence Take Home Whitening Gels

Oral Surgery

-Dental Extractions

-Wisdom Tooth Removal